How we work

A coordinated approach, simple and well distributed over time

Starting from the client contact up to maintenance our work is divided into four phases:

ITC Consulting

The first step we make for each of our clients is to provide ITC advice which focuses on specific tasks, reducing costs and time in reaching goals:

  • We identify the commercial area related to services that the customer sells (tourist services, online product sales, etc.)

  • We perform a complete analysis of the problems related to the business

  • We verify which IT system is used

  • We plan the IT development

  • We offer the most suitable hardware and software solutions.

Design and development

This step involves taking the needs of our client and his business into account in order to offer the most suitable type of website which illustrates its potential.

We improve or create a web identity for a company (with top knowledge on web marketing ) and we redefine or define content in order to make it more accessible and engaging.

Installation and configuration of the services

In order for every service to be available at any time, it must have the necessary space for its management.

The company structure allows us to define which network structure is the most suitable to guarantee development.

After choosing how to convey the traffic of information and how to allow access to the service in the most efficient way, we propose the best hardware solution by installing and configuring it. We also offer space at our data centers to further reduce management time.

Maintenance and analysis of system performance

Once a web service has been put into operation, we monitor and make the necessary updates in terms of efficiency, thus guaranteeing the possibility of developing over time and analysing the statistics on how to make any improvements:

Statistical analysis for possible improvements:

  • We constantly and attentively monitor the performance of actions, this way it is possible to maintain the results and the advantages obtained over time:

  • We use a band monitoring tool and possibly also assistance to servers and network devices not owned by NetStorming

  • We guarantee periodic maintenance at our datacenters with support in case of blackouts thanks to uninterruptible power supply and the best safety standards (air-conditioned environment with preventive fire-fighting system where to store data)

  • We back up data periodically.