TOWeRS Connector

What is TOWeRS Connector?

TOWeRS Connector is the optimized version of the TOWeRS software which manages the XML hotel supply streams guaranteeing tour operators full autonomy in the development of their website.


Customizable according to your needs.

Starting from a basic module, you can customize the software over time according to your needs: you have more than 30 modules available.

Always accessible via the internet.

You can work from any computer or mobile device: you only need an internet connection, with no need to install, update or save something in backup.

Constantly updated.

You will always have the latest software available, updated to the latest features released, at no additional cost.

Its characteristics

Always accessible online
The system is cloud based, allowing customers to access it through any device via an Internet connection, with nothing to install, update or backup.

It ensures fast response times and quality of service thanks to customer and/or supplier caching systems

Option to increase at any time the ability of the system to receive more traffic

As a service
A simple and intuitive XML/API interface allows access to all software features

Constantly updated
You will always have access to the latest version of the software and the supplier connection, updated to the latest released features

What is used for

  • to connect your hotel suppliers through a single XML connection

  • always updated mapping of suppliers' products

  • customization of prices based on the client, hotel, supplier

  • booking management (practical search, booking details, service details, changes and/or cancellation of the service, booking log and xml log)

  • management of statistics through a business intelligence system, which through some dashboards allows you to consult sales for customers, suppliers, countries and many other parameters