NetStorming prefers open source technologies, whose components are freely inspectable, so as to guarantee high safety standards.

Where this choice is not possible, NetStorming is able to guarantee the development of robust and reliable products.

The technologies chosen by NetStorming are:

  • Linux: a robust, reliable and secure operating system both for attacks by hackers and more straightforward viruses;
    Linux is an almost obligatory choice for those who want to get a server platform with a guaranteed 24/7 up-time.

  • Apache: one of the most efficient web servers currently available;
    In addition to belonging to the "free software" category, Apache integrates perfectly with all the other technologies used by NetStorming, becoming an irreplaceable tool for the development of our software.

  • MySQL: this is the most famous open source database in the world and one of the fastest in circulation; it is ideal for dealing with projects of medium / low complexity to guarantee reliability and very high speeds.

  • PostgreSQL: when speed is not everything, NetStorming focuses on the ability of this powerful DBMS (Database Management System) in the creation of complex schemes, triggers and stored procedure to obtain a database able to manage data in complete autonomy and supporting interfacing with all kinds of clients.

  • PHP ("PHP Hypertext Preprocessor"): it is one of the most widespread and complete scripting languages for the web.
    Its strengths are its ease of use and its excellent performance.

  • Python: robust and reliable object-oriented programming language, which allows software of any complexity to be written with speed and elegance.
    The enormous expressive power of language drastically reduces the possibility of errors by the developer.
    The very active community of developers from all over the world unquestionably certifies the validity of this language

  • QMail: one of the most widespread open source mail servers that for years has reached the stability and solidity necessary to be used in complete safety even in large companies.
    In addition to the typical mail accounts, discussion lists and newsletters, it is able to host several email domains by centralizing them on one server.

  • XML ("eXtensible Markup Language"): common language between many applications, both traditional ones and online ones, it pervades most of the applications written by NetStorming, thus making them able to dialogue with most of the current software, without hindering the exchange of data even with still-to-be-written software.

All this is hosted at one of our server farms (Rome, Milan, Venice and Geneva) which follow appropriate safety standards to better guarantee high reliability standards and privacy.

The air-conditioned environment ensures that the server processors always work according to the correct temperature and humidity parameters.

The powerful UPS systems ensure that, in the event of an energy blackout, the servers and services they supply are always available without any interruption.

The environment is equipped with a sophisticated inert gas fire protection system, capable of extinguishing any fire inside the room without damaging in any way the servers hosted inside and, therefore, avoiding the risk of losing the data stored in them.

Every night the data on the servers is backed up in special machines in our headquarters in Venice.

The server farm connectivity is provided by KPNQwest and WIND, a leading international telecommunications company.

Server farms are equipped with Cisco routers and host HP Proliant, ASUS, SuperMicro multiprocessor servers.

This architecture achieves a functional, scalable and stable system.

For us, it is always the software that has to adapt to the needs of the customer and not vice versa.

NetStorming uses the best technologies available on the market.

Our consistent use of Open Source has led our company to become a leading company in Italy in the use of the main "open" systems.

These systems reside in the 3 proprietary Datacenters located in Rome, Milan and Venice.

Both for hardware, for software and for networks, NetStorming makes use of partnerships with the main market leaders such as Cisco Systems and HP, allowing to provide maximum technology at the lowest cost.

Unix Systems

NetStorming specializes in the use of UNIX systems..

Our servers are configured according to the specific needs of the project with reliable, powerful, fast and free operating systems!

We use Ubuntu Server, Slackware and CentOS.

Our software systems are all Open source, ensuring a minimum cost, high reliability and above all maximum security with continuous and constant updates from the whole Open source development community.

We use Apache as web server, MySQL and PostgreSQL as Database servers, Postfix and QMAIL as mail servers, BIND as dns and more generally all the best software that every sector offers in Open Source market.