Why choose TOWeRS Connector

More hotel products at a lower price

TOWeRS Connector allows tour operators to have a wide range of hotel products available, without having to develop all XML connections internally.

Configurable price comparison

The price comparison algorithm of TOWeRS Connector acts at the level of room type and therefore allows you to compare hotel room prices and show only the cheapest rates for each type of room available.
Plus, the algorithm is fully customizable according to your needs, for example according to best available price, best contract, commission per customer etc.

Saving on mapping activities

You will not need to manage the mapping of individual connected suppliers.
Tour operators will only have to deal with mapping the TOWeRS inventory that will be provided by Netstorming.

Optimized management of supplier traffic

It guarantees fast response times and quality of service thanks to customer caching systems and/or suppliers with the possibility of increasing at any time the capacity of the system to receive traffic.

Statistics to monitor sales

TOWeRS Connector provides a Business Intelligence module that allows you to consult sales for customers, suppliers, countries and many other metrics.

Statistics for traffic control

TOWeRS Connector provides a statistics module for monitoring customer and supplier traffic: it allows you to monitor received queries, bookings made, actual availability and conversion rate (L2B).

One technological interface

NetStorming will manage the TOWeRS Connector system and will be the only point of reference also for the management of the supplier's technology.

Autonomy in the development of your website

Tour operators can independently manage the technology and graphics of its website.

Ticketing system to communicate with our support

In addition to hardware, software, connectivity and daily backups, we offer a ticketing system that puts you in direct contact with our key account and with our technical support.