About us

Who we are

NetStorming is a software house that develops online booking and accounting softwares..
Our company was founded in 2004, after several years of collaboration between a group of freelance IT specialists and an important Italian tour operator.
Precisely the synergy of skills that emerged from the collaboration between these two different realities gave life to a company that offers tailored, powerful and flexible IT solutions for every type of company.
NetStorming deals with the creation of web-oriented enterprise applications by taking advantage of agile and modern development methods and the use of free and reliable technologies.
NetStorming creates extremely flexible and robust products that can accommodate the design changes unique to every customer as well as the ones which occur as we go along.

Over the years we have decided to offer our clients and partners a series of 360° services to boost their business, placing ourselves as the sole suppliers across a range of sectors:

  • Tourism and Online Booking;

  • Accounting;

  • E-commerce;

  • Graphic Design;

  • Web Design;

  • Hardware;

  • Voip Networking;

  • Mobile app development.