Our Software Solutions for Tour Operators and Travel Agencies

Get to know our technological products for your travel business.

We're proud to introduce you to our software suite specifically designed for travel companies that want to grow, increase their sales, expand their travel inventory and optimise their complex operational flows with the help of the most innovative tourism technology today available on the market.

Booking and reservation software

The best booking engine for travel companies.

TOWeRS Booking Engine is specifically tailored for companies in the tourism industry. It has been on the market for 17 years, supporting tour operators, DMCs and travel agencies to face the challenges of one of the most competitive markets.

It is an advanced online software solution allowing direct sales of travel products worldwide, something a successsful travel business must have to crush the competition.

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XML API Integrations

The best hotel API/XML integration for travel companies.

Connector allows you to connect to over 150 hotel suppliers with one single API to integrate. Travel companies won't need to do the mapping and will benefit from our client and/or supplier caching innovative systems.

Our pioneering technology grants fast timing response and quality service to facilitate distribution.

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Bookkeeping software

The best accounting software for travel companies.

MIDA is the complete software solution to manage the accounting of travel businesses, from fiscal obligations to managing accounts receivable and suppliers.

Our software is the easy answer for managing all financial information of a travel company in the most accurate and customizable way.

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