We take care of your IT infrastructure, so you can focus on your business.

We provide you with the the best hardware devices to support all your operations.
From dedicated servers to routers, from switches to network hardware, we can provide our clients with top-class products, flexible configurations and highly customable IT solutions that help drive their business forward.

Physical devices and data centres

The "physical" part of the machine is based on HP ASUS and Supermicro systems, all rack-mountable at our data centres (Milan, Rome, Venice).
NetStorming also provides servers with software already installed and programmed. We host our customer’s systems in our datacentres with service-level agreement (SLA) to ensure better visibility and performance. We help clients create dedicated interconnections with almost all the main carriers and implement dedicated peering with our Autonomous System as well as with other band suppliers. We provide xDSL and SDH lines accredited by RIPE.

We operate as a backbone carrier in BGP, or provide the IP addresses necessary for the operation of the customer's network. We cover every real need in terms of hardware, network, backup and fault tolerance.

Virtualization for maximum service availability

"Virtualizing" a physical machine with the appropriate virtualization software allows for the execution of a large number of instances of "virtual" machines with consequent advantages:

  • A single control panel

  • Balancing in the use of hardware resources

  • Simple backup of entire operating systems that can be stored, moved, cloned, duplicated, migrated

  • Easy creation of clusters of identical machines to achieve the highest guarantee of availability of services

  • It is possible to assign for each virtual machine a well-defined resource pool and decide how much CPU/band to allocate, even dynamically, through a simple management interface that provides an overview of what is running on the virtualization server

  • A specific configuration of the virtualization service allows for the migration of running applications between two different clusters of physical servers, without delays for hardware upgrades or failures