Booking engine Castle

Castle, the most upscale B2B | B2C Online booking engine developed to satisfy the needs of tourism industries.

Castle is a complete modular solution that allows your travel company to buy and sell a large variety of products such as hotels, apartments, transfers, tours, flights, trains, car rental and so on. Our booking software is a highly flexible tool that we can adapt to your business needs providing high customisations.
Last but not least, it is a perfect scalable solution that will grow alongside your business.

Top-Level Technology for Your Travel Company

The reason why CASTLE is the right solution for you, the acronym explains itself (Customizable Advanced System for Towers Lavish Engine), CASTLE is the most technologically advanced version of our booking engine software. It will allow your company to:

  • customize the interface in terms of functionality, usability and content

  • have dedicated servers to guarantee the highest level of customization

  • handle multiple companies business with the same platform

  • take advantage of a huge network of partners including suppliers, channel managers, and many others

  • easily to monitor your performance thanks to our business intelligence statistics

  • benefit of a constantly updated suppliers’ mapping

Travel is our specialisation

We develop advanced technology to help travel companies like yours manage the complex flows of the travel business and stay ahead of the competition in the global travel trade.