Why Choose Castle as Your Travel Booking Software?

10 good reasons why you should use Castle.

1. It is a very flexible solution that can be customised to your needs

Together we can customise the software according to your needs both in terms of functionality, graphic layout and integration with other software.

2. Multi-company handling

It’s possible to use the same software to independently manage different companies, each can have its own product, its own customers and its own suppliers. Moreover, you can also have different graphic interface customizations for each brand you need to manage.

3. B2B | B2C interface

Castle allows you to sell on the B2B | B2C market. Our graphic specialists will customize the web interface respecting your brand identity making it efficient, engaging and user-friendly.

4. Meta-search connection

You can promote your product on the most important meta-search engines to gain more visibility, increase your sales and make your brand well-known.

5. Accommodations, Transportation and Ancillary

A large variety of modules is available like hotels, transfers, excursions, flights, car rental, tours, trains and much more to give you all you need to manage and sell your products.

6. Dedicated servers

The platform will be hosted into the servers exclusively dedicated to your company to ensure you the widest choice in terms of customizations without suffering from the impact of other clients sharing your resources, and giving you absolute freedom regarding all the details of your system configuration in terms of behaviour and appearance.

7. TOMATO suppliers’ mapping

We take care of the mapping of the suppliers' products. Thanks to our Tomato tool and our mapping department, the product is constantly updated and ready to be sold.

8. Integration with third parties

Castle is a versatile software that supports integration with third parties systems like payment gateways, accounting systems, CRM, and so on.

9. Technical Support

For any doubts or issues, our team is at your disposal to give you the best assistance. You can contact us through our ticketing system to receive the needed support.

10. White label suppliers handling

Inserting a third party white label has never been easier. Thanks to our software, you have the possibility to do it rapidly, intuitively and autonomously.