Our Modular Travel Technology

Choosing our booking software Castle, you can get only the modules you need.

One of most appreciated features of our booking software Castle is the modular structure it provides so that you can focus exclusively on what is relevant to your business and expand it as you go.

Whether you want to sell hotels, flights, tours, train ticket or car rentals, you can use each module separately and increase your travel business.

Let's see what modules are available for your business.

Castle Core Module

At the core of Castle is a robust booking software that represents the foundation of our technology. This module allows travel companies to:

  • manage clients and suppliers

  • manage bookings

  • monitor the system and obtain statistics on the performance

  • use the ticketing system to contact the technical support

If you get Castle core module, you will also be provided with installing the server or servers hosting it.

All other Castle modules are connected to the core module. Let's see them into details.

Travel Products Modules

Whether you want to sell accommodation, transfers, excursions, trains, flights or rent-a-car services, you can choose what module or modules you want to implement from the following list:

Business Intelligence Module

This module allows you to monitor the performance of your travel business, getting precious insights into sales, suppliers, products and customers.
Castle Business Intelligence module gives your team the capacity to collect data from your system and plan future marketing activities accurately.
We have developed various reports to keep an eye on every aspect of your company.

Find out more about our BI Module

Payments Modules

Castle also provides some modules to manage payments. They include the possibility to:

  • interface with the main credit card payment gateways

  • to manage customer advance payments through deposit accounts

  • to integrate the system with other accounting software

Find out more about our Payments Modules

CMS (Content Management System) Module

Castle features also a CMS module that allows your staff to manage content easily and without technical skills.

Find out more about our CMS Module

Purchase and Sales XML Module

One of the main features of our booking software Castle is that it allows travel companies to purchase and/or sell tourism products or services via XML connections between suppliers and clients.

Find out more about our Purchase XML Module