Networking and VoIP

Design of networks scalable over time.

We design medium and large corporate structures enabling the establishment of reliable connections between remote offices, agents and branches and the central office at the lowest cost and maximum speed.

We anticipate future developments to avoid being unprepared if your company grows.

Sharing information for geographically distributed facilities.

NetStorming is an official partner of Cisco Systems.

We can therefore provide a whole range of systems and services that can solve any problems in the operation and management of the network, both locally, geographically, encrypted, or wireless.

We create links between branches and the central office to allow for centralized access to information, thus reducing infrastructure and maintenance costs.

WIFI, VoIP with digital fax systems.

We route Italian and international telephone traffic between sites at no cost for Italian numbers and we identify the best provider according to the primary routes of the customer and the individual connections.