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  • A personal /business website: It is about presenting your business to the world via the web in order to increase your turnover and professional (and personal) prestige.
    The contents are mainly informative and textual. They introduce your business, illustrate a technology or a peculiarity, report personal or professional characteristics and often provide information through images, videos and downloadable materials;

  • E-commerce: This is a website for the sale of goods and/or services via the Internet, offering potential buyers a catalog of products with relevant details.
    This website invites them to create their personal "shopping cart", offers different shipping and payment methods to choose from and accompanies users until the end of the payment process.
    After the purchase, users/buyers can check the history of their orders, while the virtual shops aim at maintaining contact with their customers thanks to increasingly complex loyalty mechanisms;

  • Blog: It is a "network diary", and designates a website whose contents (text, graphics and multimedia) are written and updated regularly and in chronological order.
    The content (or posts) is written by a single blogger or a special editorial staff in order to relate personal experiences or spread a thought or to demonstrate knowledge and skills and, last but not least, collect the comments of visitors and establish a dialogue with them;

  • Sharing and Download: These are large collections of information and material of various kinds (software, documents, photos, videos, etc.) available for download or for simple online use.
    These may be materials prepared and classified by a company or a group of people in order to disseminate it for free or under subscription as well as material uploaded directly by users for sharing and exchange;

  • Information and Digital Newspapers: These websites aim at informing and keeping their users constantly updated on general news as well as on specific issues.
    This category includes all the newspapers, magazines and on-line magazines as well as the services dedicated to specific topics such as sports news or weather and all their meta-aggregators;