Why Choose TOWeRS as Your Travel Booking Software?

10 good reasons why you should use TOWeRS.

1. It is a software tailored for travel companies, regardless of their size

TOWeRS is developed after listening carefully to the requirements of travel companies and translating these needs into functionalities to support your business and make it successful.

2. It connects your company to a large network of leading travel actors

Over 150 partners provide a large range of tourism products/services that you can start selling straight away.

3. It is a scalable tool that can grow with your business

Depending on the size of your business, TOWeRS offers an unlimited number of users both for internal and external staff that collaborate with you.
Depending on the traffic needs, it can be distributed on one or more servers to follow the expansion of your business.

4. It is a 100% secure system

All our servers are hosted in air-conditioned environments, equipped with powerful uninterruptible power supplies to ensure constant connectivity and daily updated. In addition, all data is backed up every night.

5. It is a powerful and fast search engine

It is a software with high specifications to ensure the best performance in terms of response times.
For products with a direct contract, response times fall below one second. For products supplied by third parties, it ensures optimization of queries.

6. It offers intuitive, clear and easy-to-use interfaces

Every single interface is developed in full compliance with the main usability rules. Responsive solutions and customised interfaces can also be designed.

7. It can drive your business to success with detailed insights into your performance

TOWeRS provides a Business Intelligence module to keep always under control both technological (i.e. response times) and more strictly commercial (i.e. sales) performances.

8. It is constantly updated

Our IT developers work on it every day to give you the latest and most perfoming version, at no extra costs.

9. It is a web-based travel software

You can work from any computer or mobile device: you only need an internet connection, with no need to install, update or save anything in backup.

10. It includes a ticket system to get in touch with our IT support

In addition to hardware, software, networking and daily backups, we give you a ticketing system that allows you to contact our IT department for any question or issue.