Why choose Bridge?

10 good reasons why you should use Bridge.

1. Just one single integration

Connect to over 200 suppliers with only one API to integrate, without developing all XML connections for each supplier.

2. Large hotel inventory

Bridge provides travel companies thousands of available hotel rooms worldwide.

3. Best room pricing

Bridge has a price comparison algorithm that shows only the cheapest tariffs for each type of room available. This algorithm is fully customizable according to your needs.

4. Saving on mapping activities

You won’t need to manage the mapping of individual connected suppliers as you will only have to deal only with mapping the inventory provided by us.

5. Optimised management for supplier traffic

Our hub guarantees fast response times and high-quality services thanks to caching systems with the option to increase the system capacity at any time to receive more traffic.

6. Sales insights

Bridge provides a Business Intelligence module that allows you to keep an eye on your sales.

7. Traffic monitoring tools

Gain insights on customer and supplier traffic and monitor queries, bookings, actual availability and conversion rate.

8. Scalable cloud-based solution

If your business grows, the platform grows with you.

9. One technological partner

Let us be your technological partner for all your connectivity and your IT infrastructure.

10. Free and quick support

We provide a ticketing system to get in touch with our technical support.