Why choose MIDA

It is a regularly updated online application

This service is guaranteed and regularly updated and enhanced by a team of expert technicians.
All you have to do is take care of your business.

As simple as a desktop application

Mida is a cloud application, accessible anywhere, even from home.
It is intuitively designed as a collection of windows to allow you to follow several activities at the same time.

Adaptable to any business sector

Our accounting software is highly configurable.
It allows any type of user, with minimum accounting knowledge, to work independently and include VAT reports and any other accounting activities.

Makes it easier to display transaction details

An intuitive display offers the chance to see in detail all the accounting operations and, thanks to the export in Excel, format the data.

Easier to upload documents

The procedure for importing documents is very simple: thanks to a standard protocol you will be able to import accounting data from any other software.

Subdivision by macro-accounts

A complete and easy-to-use tool allows micro-accounts to be connected to a main category and then be combined in terms of accounting operations.

Optimized tool for searching accounting activities

Mida has a highly accurate internal search engine supported by search filters to enable any query, giving you the chance to search quickly and efficiently among the accounting and transaction documents.

Preview of documents

You can preview all documents in PDF or JPG formats.