Why Choose MIDA as the Bookkeeping Software for Your Travel Business?

10 good reasons why you should manage your company’s accounting with MIDA.

1. It is easy and intuitive to use

Anyone, with minimum accounting knowledge, can work on it. You don’t need to be an accountant nor to read long and boring manuals. We provide you with login details and you can start working straightaway.

2. It is a multi-user software

We believe that sharing information and working together can be very effective. That’s why we developed a system where you can create as many users as you need with no extra fee.

3. It can process huge volumes of data

Our software allows you to manage automated billing for large volumes of transactions quickly and effectively.

4. It can be integrated to any software

It has APIs and follows specific interface protocols to any type of integration.

5. It provides a real-time and historical exchange rate

Every day you can check the latest exchange rates and historical too.

6. It is regularly updated

We have an ongoing upgrading plan to add new features and any future updates will always be free.

7. It is a web-based software

You can access it anywhere, even from home, anytime as the software run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from our secure farm houses.

8. It is a 100% secure software

It is hosted on secure servers within our farm houses and data centers. Frequents backups guarantee that your data will never be lost.

9. It can adapt to any business sector

MIDA was developed specifically for travel companies, but can adapt to different industry sectors, being a highly configurable software.

10. It makes you save time and effort

MIDA is a powerful double-entry bookkeeping system that helps you taking care of your company’s accounting, dealing with every day operations in an easy and quick way. Its multi window interface