TOWeRS Platform and its modules


It is the very essence of the software, its original core present in all our systems, regardless of the chosen configuration.

Thanks to this module, each tour operator can:

  • Manage the registration of all contracts (both direct ones and those provided by third parties);

  • Manage customers and suppliers

  • Manage reservations;

  • Manage XML providers (plugins)

  • Monitor the system and obtain statistics on the generated traffic;

  • Use the ticketing system to send reports to technical support;

  • Manage the different languages of navigation;

The TOWeRS base module also includes the installation of the server or servers hosting it.

Next, depending on the configuration chosen, the basic module will be able to connect all the other modules available according to your needs, for example for payment modules, modules for Business Intelligence, communication management modules, XML connections and web interfaces for the sale of products.