Hotel Management System for Travel Companies

Do you know that thousands of hotels across the world are ready to be sold?

TOWeRS booking software include some modules for hotel management that allow you to manage:

  • your own hotel inventory, if you have direct contracts

  • third-party hotels that you can get from around 150 world’s leading hotel suppliers through our XML connections (thus expanding your offer exponentially)

Travel companies can choose one or both options, according to what best meets their needs and the type of product they wish to sell.
Here are the modules that will help you manage and sell hotel rooms worldwide.

1) Hotel Module

Whatever option you choose, whether via direct contract or via an XML connection, this module is mandatory because, in addition to allowing for the sale of the hotel product, it also allows you to manage:

  • hotel details

  • services

  • description

  • photos

  • location on a map provided by Google

2) Direct Contracts Hotel and Extranet Module

This TOWeRS module allows Tour Operators to manage the insertion of hotel contracts. In particular, it allows you to manage:

  • room types

  • tariffs

  • extra tariffs

  • allocations

  • free rooms or extra allocations

  • cancellation policies

  • room releases

  • minimum stay

  • types of facilities

  • promotions

  • discounts for children

  • reviews (or information comments)

  • closures

  • contract blocks

Thanks to the extranet it is possible to make hotels that don’t use channel managers autonomous in the management of:

  • availability of rooms in free sale

  • tariffs

  • conditions of release different from those of the tour operator and established during the negotiation phase

3) Channel Manager Module

Channel Managers are software applications that dialogue with various online reservation portals to update them all at once, without having to access each separate extranet. By choosing the Channel Manager Module, Tour Operators can offer their suppliers automatic updating of the rates and availability of their hotels.

4) Hotel Reservations from Back Office Module

This module allows you to enter into the system reservations obtained neither via direct contracts nor via third-party suppliers. Reservations will be visible both for the customer and for the agency as regular hotel reservations.