Payment Modules

Integrating payment methods into your system has never been so easy.

TOWeRS also includes some payment modules.
The software's basic module provides a series of payment methods that can be customized directly by tour operators and travel agencies, such as bank transfer, 30-day invoice and direct debit.
TOWeRS also includes another 4 modules that allow tour operators and agencies to use additional payment methods and interface their accounting system directly with TOWeRS.

1) Credit card payment module

This module allows you to interface with the main credit card payment gateways available on the market in an efficient and secure way.
The connection to the gateway provided by this module is completely "transparent" to the system and this makes it possible to:

  • quickly change the payment gateway used by the system

  • dynamically manage more than one payment gateway (for example, depending on the type of credit card chosen by the user)

Payments occur in real time and do not require any intervention by system administrators. For each payment made by users:

  • the system administrator receives an automatic email informing them of the transaction and the outcome

  • payment details are automatically saved in the system and can be viewed at any time

  • the booking to which the transaction is linked is marked as paid, then the user is automatically guaranteed access to additional features on the reservation, such as printing the voucher

Based on the functions provided by the chosen gateway, the module can also automatically manage accounting, refunds and cancellation of transactions previously carried out according to the needs of the specific case.

2) Deposits Module

This module manages the advance payments of your customers through deposit accounts from which to draw for the payment of the transactions. The main features of this module are:

  • tracking of payments for every customer

  • automatic deduction from the account and payment of the transaction on the "deadline" date

  • future projection of the status of the account (at 30/60 days or at another selectable date)

  • automatic generation of a transaction report

  • automatic sending of a notice when the deposit is going to be in the red

  • automatic daily sending of a summary of the automatic operations performed by the system

3) External Accounting System Interface Module

This module is necessary to transmit the details of the bookings generated in the TOWeRS system to the tour operator's accounting software and to proceed with the invoicing of the bookings to customers and suppliers. The interfacing with our MIDA accounting management is completely free.

4) Invoices Module

It is the TOWeRS module that allows you to issue invoices for each record and manage their monitoring. Here is a more detailed account of the activities that the module allows you to perform:

  • search for the records to be invoiced based on the date (check-in or check-out) and/or the customer

  • create invoices following the search for billable records

  • send the invoice by e-mail in PDF format

  • search for invoices issued based on the creation date and the customer of the invoiced record

  • split the invoices according to the creation date, then for check-in or check-out

  • carry out operations on the issued invoices

  • search for invoices by reference

  • monthly summary in Excel with the data of the dossiers whose billing date is included in the selected period and the booked service is a hotel

However, the Invoices Module does not allow you to manage the general accounting of the tour operator or travel agency.